About Us

GREGG IND, INC. A family owned and operated business that has been supplying the Meat Packing Industry with WET BULB SOCKS for over Fifty years.

Wes Gillespie, Sr. worked in the manufacturing of Smokehouses and the installation of Julian, L.C. Spiehs and Alkar Smokehouses as well as servicing them for a number of years. He also developed the first Friction Smoke Generator while working at L.C. Spiehs.

Delores (Rasmussen) Gillespie, now retired, had worked on WET BULB SOCKS for many years keeping that portion of our business going when it was just a sideline. Kathleen (Gillespie) Triggs has been involved in the manufacturing of WET BULB SOCKS since a small girl in grade school when she helped her mom cut and stack WET BULB SOCKS. Kathleen now oversees that portion of our business as well as the gasket portion and all office duties.

Wes Gillespie, Jr. has been in and around the Smokehouse Industry all of his life, at one time working for Alkar and Vectors. He now oversees the Smokehouse Door Air Seal portion of our business as well as a variety of other duties.

We also wish to thank you, our valued customers. If ever a question arises please feel free to call us at your earliest convenience. 608-846-5143