Smokehouse Door Air Seals



We have Ethylene-Propylene in both 1 3/4″ & 7/8″ base material.

EPDM is the most common type of material with 1 3/4″ base the most common size.

Also the cost compared to other materials is much less. For your dollar EPDM IS THE BEST VALUE, for your dollar compared to other materials.

Temperature range – up to 275 degrees F.

Good resistance to water and steam excellent color stability.

Excellent resistance to heat and ozone. Very good flexibility at low temp.

EPDM has the best resistance to liquid smoke.

EPDM is similar to butyl but has slightly less susceptibility to contamination.

As stated above we have the normal 1 3/4″ base as well as the 7/8″ base.

Recommended pounds per square inch for both sizes is 12 – 15 lbs.